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Local Loot® enables your business to attract new customers while rewarding existing customers for spending more.

Local Loot® is easy

Simply choose a reward, minimum spend to earn the reward, and your prepayment amount to fund the deal (as little as $25). Create as many deals as you like!

The best part? No risk!

There is no cost unless you make a sale!

No upfront, ongoing, or subscription fees. A typical 10% reward yields a 700% ROI (excluding small credit card processing fee).

See how to sign up

Low fees, Easy to operate

  • Sign up for a merchant account
  • Create your business listing
  • Decide what deal you would like to offer (for example, “Spend $40 and earn $4 cash value.”)
  • Pre-fund the deal with as little as $25
  • Generate a QR code for your deal right in your browser
  • Put the QR code in your cash register to await your sales

Customers can scan the QR code in the store to earn Local Loot® cash value for shopping at your business. We will pay out the Local Loot® cash value earned by customers across all merchants every quarter.

Here’s an example:

Meet Jane, your new customer

One day at your location…

  1. Jane spends $40. Yay Jane!
  2. Jane scans your Local Loot® QR code at the register. Now she has $4 cash value.
  3. Local Loot® commission is on the reward value. $4 × 25% = $1
  • $25Opening
  • $4Jane
  • $1Local Loot®
  • =
  • $20Ending

Local Loot® incentives attracted at least $40 in new revenue at a cost to you of $4 in rewards and $1 in fees. That’s a 700% ROI (excluding small credit card processing fee).

  • Return – CostCost
  • =
  • $40 – $5$5
  • =
  • 700%*

* Excluding small credit card processing fee.

Some time later…

  1. Jane has earned more than $25 with Local Loot® purchases at several businesses
  2. Local Loot® automatically deposits Jane’s balance into her PayPal account
  3. Jane has a little more cash in her wallet to spend and looks for another Local Loot® deal

Three reasons your bottom line will thank you

Creating a deal is easy

Let us know if you have any questions
Email us at contact@localloot.app or call 802-316-4060